Disability and Issue Estoppel

In responses to employment tribunal claims it is sometimes argued that a tribunal does not have jurisdiction to hear the complaint because the tribunal is 'estopped' (prohibited) from deciding an issue because it has already been decided by the Tribunal. This can occur when a claimant has previously made an employment tribunal claim. The basic … Continue reading Disability and Issue Estoppel

A Box Ticking Exercise

Rule 11(1) of the Employment Tribunal (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2013 requires that "The Tribunal shall reject a claim if it is not accompanied by a Tribunal fee or a remission application." In other words, since the since the introduction of employment tribunal fees if a claim is made but that claim is … Continue reading A Box Ticking Exercise

Race and Caste Discrimination

Imagine you work in a company with two employees, both Indian, and an employer who is also Indian. You come from the Dalit caste in the caste system, meanwhile your employer and a fellow employee performing the same role as both share a higher caste. You notice that despite having exactly the same job as … Continue reading Race and Caste Discrimination