Workers in the Whirpool factory in Bristol have just secured a 13.75% payrise as the company gave into demands from Unite union in advance of a planned strike on 12 December.

Prior to the threat of strike action Whirlpool had only been willing to offer a 1.25% raise for workers who were already low paid.

In addition to securing a significant pay rise there has also been a commitment that by March next year agency workers (many of whom have worked to the site for years) will have their employment status secured by moving onto Whirlpool’s books.

Speaking about the dispute Unite’s Regional Officer Ken Fish said “this result was down to the solidarity and determination of our Whirlpool members, who were prepared to weather hardship over Christmas by striking for fair pay and a fair deal for their agency colleagues. Their victory is testament to the power workers have when they act collectively and stick together in a union and an inspiration to other struggling workers who want to organise and win.”

Congratulations to all the Whirlpool workers who were prepared to stand together in solidarity to secure meaningful pay raises and more secure employment for their co-workers.