PCS General Secretary election begins

Right now there is an election in progress that will effect the working lives of all union members in the UK, with one group of candidates having made commitments to end austerity and provide a real pay rise to civil servants after a decade of real terms pay cuts. That election is, of course, the General Election next month.

However, last Thursday ballot papers began to be issued to all PCS Union members for a different but still important election, the General Secretary election which will determine if Mark Serwotka will continue in post. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, the other candidates are Marion Lloyd and Bev Laidlaw, both of whom are themselves NEC members. The election addresses for all candidates are all available here, and I would encourage all members to read each address and cast their votes.

Last Thursday ballot papers began to be issued to all PCS Union members in the General Secretary election. The election addresses are all available here, and I would encourage all members to read each address and cast their votes.

For completely ludicrous reasons it is still the case that unlike the General Election taking place at the same time if a member wishes to vote in this election then they need to complete and physically post their vote (section 51 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidated) Act 1992 since you ask!). This requirement for a postal vote in part explains why historically the turnout for union elections is relatively low. In busy lives it is easy to put off voting for later and for time to run out so I would encourage all members to fill in and post their vote as soon as they receive their ballots.

I try not to discuss intra-union politics too much on this blog and don’t intend to start now (although when I have it was when members were deprived of a vote in union elections because they were cancelled) but I will say for myself I will be voting for mark Serwotka and will be encouraging other to do likewise. However, I would, whomever wins, to see a substantial increase in the extent to which members exercise their vote. In 2015 there was no elections since no-one opposed Mark Serwotka, in 2011 21% of members voted in the election.

Replacement ballots

If a member has not received their ballot paper by the 14th November they can email balloting@pcs.org.uk remembering to include your membership or national insurance number, name and address including postcode to request a replacement. The deadline for requesting replacements is 5pm on 4 December.

Still time to join PCS

Anyone who joins PCS before 25 November 2019 (and is eligible to join the union) can also vote in the elections, so if you have been meaning to join and have not got around to it now is the time to do it. You can join PCS online today.

2 thoughts on “PCS General Secretary election begins

  1. You shouldn’t have said who you are voting for. The main article as result only mentions one candidate’s name. Perhaps mention too the main social media platform for debate online has been suspended by PCS. This looks like the fact there is a challenge to the 20 year reign of the General Secretary is an inconvenience to the union.


  2. It is absolutely not an inconvenience and I don’t see any basis for that inference from what I have written (as I myself said the last time an election was cancelled in PCS – unlike two of the three candidates in the current GS election – I opposed this). I think the reference you make to only one name being referenced is a fair criticism, and the post has been updated to reflect that.

    On the social media suspension I can’t comment as I don’t know the background but can quite believe from past form that there are worries as to legal challenges on the election / defamation grounds, especially given this is a formal PCS forum for which they are vicariously liable. Other unions manage this however …


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