FBU have ejected a national officer, Paul Embery, from their national executive and have banned him from holding office for two years.

Embery has long been on the FBU NEC and has gained a certain notoriety  as organiser of the Trade Unionists Against the EU, and his willingness (unlike many other lexiteers) to share a platform with leading figures of the pro-Brexit hard right and some recent high profile allegations of anti-semitism. Last week he made his expulsion from the NEC public on Twitter.

The FBU themselves have (rightly) been tight lipped on the reasons for the decision but they have released a statement: 

An Executive Council-level Internal Union Discipline hearing took place on Wednesday 12 June 2019 to consider a report concerning Executive Council member Paul Embery, where the standard process of presentations and deliberations took place before decisions were made. Evidence in respect of six complaints was heard in accordance with the rules, over a period approaching 12 hours. The outcome was the award of a range of penalties in respect of a total of four complaints by the Executive Council. In the case of one of those complaints, it was resolved to award a debarment lasting two years.

The decision is subject to appeal and, of course, potentially it is open to him to pursue a complaint to the Certification Officer  of unfair subjection to disciplinary proceedings.