Indirect discrimination in disability claims

It is well known that the Equality Act 2010 has four type of discrimination that applies to all of the nine protected characteristics set out in the Act: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment, and victimisation. However, in cases where the characteristic of disability is relied upon the Act recognises two other forms of discrimination that … Continue reading Indirect discrimination in disability claims

Disability and Disciplinary Dismissals

In recent weeks the Employment Appeal Tribunals judgement in Thomson v Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has been published. The key issue which has been attracting comment is the endorsement of the first tier tribunal's decision that a dismissal may be unfair because of the choice of the decision maker, even when there is no … Continue reading Disability and Disciplinary Dismissals

Tell Me the Reason Why

It is not often there is an appeal judgement of genuine assistance to employees, but the EAT's decision last year in Essop v Home Office is one such case in which my union, PCS, assisted the claimants in appealing. The background is that the Respondent had a Provision, Criterion or Practice that an employee wishing … Continue reading Tell Me the Reason Why