Employment Writes is a blog on employment law and trade union matters. It is written as a PCS Union member and rep to discuss matters of relevance to trade unionists.

It is aimed to be of assistance to reps in their own work, as it touches upon legal issues, and to encourage debate within the trade union movement on the challenges reps, members and trade union employees face.

In addition to being a rep I am a recent law graduate (Graduate Diploma in Law) in which, somehow, I managed to emerge with a distinction and am currently a completing the Graduate Fast Track Diploma in Law and Practice with CILEx.


The contents of this blog do not necessarily represent the views of PCS at either national, regional or branch level. No comments should be interpreted as representing the views of my employer or as being made in my capacity as an employee.  Nothing in this blog should be construed as PCS Union or legal advice.

If you are employed by central government or work for a government department and are not a PCS Union member then you can join online today at www.pcs.org.uk/join

If you are a PCS member and need to speak to a rep you should contact your Branch Secretary. If you are not sure who this is you should contact PCS membership on 0207 801 2670.

Thanks for reading!

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