Mark Serwotka Responds on Suspension of PCS Union Elections

The decision of the PCS Union's National Executive Committee to suspend the union's internal democracy as it relates to elections for the NEC and group committee is understandably a very contentious one; it is also one I disagree with as I have set out before. One PCS branch, the Bootle HMRC branch (I am sure … Continue reading Mark Serwotka Responds on Suspension of PCS Union Elections

No action on Caste Discrimination

A couple of weeks ago I posted a comment on Race and Caste Discrimination in reference to the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision in Chandhok & Anor v Tirkey [2014] UKEAT 0190_14_1912. A couple of days later the issue was raised in the House of Lords (with thanks to Law and Religion for highlighting this: Lord … Continue reading No action on Caste Discrimination

Changes of Contract and the Equality Act

Claims under sections 19 and 20 of the Equality Act 2010 require that a provision, criterion or practice place (or in s.19 would place if applied) an individual with a protected characteristic at a substantial (in the case of section 20) or a particular (in the case of section 19) disadvantage. In Edie & 15 … Continue reading Changes of Contract and the Equality Act

Blacklisting and Human Rights

From Garden Court Chambers: In an unusual step, the UK government has joined a test case being heard at the Court of Appeal this week as an intervener. Judgment is being made on whether the blacklisting of engineer Dave Smith breached the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Carillion (JM) Ltd admitted that staff supplied information to the … Continue reading Blacklisting and Human Rights

Whistleblowing: not just and equitable

A scenario: Sarah, who is an employee, suspects that the company's finance officer is 'cooking the books' by skimming company funds into his personal accounts having come across a printed document left on the printer in the office.  Concerned about this Sarah reports her concerns to the company's HR director and explains that she thinks … Continue reading Whistleblowing: not just and equitable

PCS Union win court victory on changes to terms and conditions

PCS has today announced that its challenge of the National Audit Offices decision to unilaterally change terms and conditions of service from its employees has been successful: On 15 December, PCS won the important case against the NAO's decision to reduce the contractual sick pay and leave of its existing staff. This dispute started in … Continue reading PCS Union win court victory on changes to terms and conditions

Race and Caste Discrimination

Imagine you work in a company with two employees, both Indian, and an employer who is also Indian. You come from the Dalit caste in the caste system, meanwhile your employer and a fellow employee performing the same role as both share a higher caste. You notice that despite having exactly the same job as … Continue reading Race and Caste Discrimination